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The 15th Century (1401 - 1500)

 History in the making - building the Royal Greenwich Palace.

1399 - 1413 King Henry IV

1413 - 1422 King Henry V

1413: 20 March - Death of Henry IV - succeeded by his son Henry V

1415: King Henry V welcomed on Blackheath returning victorious from Agincourt, France.

1422: 31 August - King Henry V dies of fever

1422 - 1461 King Henry VI

1427: Humphrey of Gloucester inherits royal manor of Greenwich and builds Bella Court

1428: Joan of Arc leads French against the English

1431: Joan of Arc burned at the stake for being a witch

1433: Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester, brother of King Henry V, acquired land at Greenwich (Greenwich Royal Park) and has it enclosed.

1445: Plague strikes England

1453: End of Hundred Years' War between England and France

1455: Wars of the Roses begin.

1461 - 1483 King Edward IV

1471: Pliny sets up first European observatory

1471: Regiomontanus (Johann Müller) reports his observations on, what was to become, Halley's Comet

1477: Edward IV bans cricket (distracted the English Army from archery)

1483: Edward V ascends English Throne (age 12)

1483 - 1485 King Richard III

1485: Wars of Roses end.

1485 - 1509 King Henry VII

1491: King Henry VIII (1491 - 1547) born in Greenwich.

1492: Christopher Columbus lands in Caribbean Islands

1493: Christopher Columbus returns to Europe and introduces tobacco

1497: Vasco de Gama sails around Cape of Good Hope.

1498: Vasco de Gamma discovers a sea-route to India

1499: Slave trade begins in Lisbon

c1500: Tudor Palace of Placentia built at Greenwich by King Henry VII


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Greenwich England is where East meets West at the Greenwich Meridian (0° Longitude); World Time is set Greenwich Mean Time .   The Millennium Dome is now open as the O2. 

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The Royal Observatory at Greenwich is in Greenwich Park along with the National Maritime Museum and the Queens House.  For information on astronomy visit Greenwich Star

The London Marathon starts in Greenwich Park.

Greenwich has a long heritage; it was the birth place of King Henry VIII and his daughters Queen Mary (Bloody Mary) and Queen Elizabeth I (The Virgin Queen).  It has seen many famous visitors from Peter the Great through Charles Dickens to Bob Hope.  This and a lot more in Greenwich Past.

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